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Feb 7th -at Heaven's Door Lounge

The Lost Girls Burlesque


At Mercury Artist Management Canada, we develop and represent musicians, performers and artists who are serious about making their mark.

Many aspiring artists have all the talent, but are often daunted with the idea of navigating through the process of getting noticed by decision-makers and consumers. Mercury Management Canada has built relationships, has sought-out, and has brought together a team of dynamic industry professionals. 

Our primary purpose is to professionally prepare artists to become more competitive, to exceed their artistic goals, and to provide proactive representation. No more spinning your wheels trying to figure out on your own what your next move should be as an artist. Watch for a planned roster expansion to come in 2014. 

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Our record label, Element-80 Records Inc. operates as a universal service provider with over 12 years of front-line experience in the music industry.

  • Music Production
  • Branding and Marketing Plans
  • Social Media Integration
  • Web Design and Analytics
  • Digital Distribution
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Rights and Royalties Management
  • Grants and Investor Sourcing
  • Performance Bookings and more! 

Our comprehensive approach to artist management focuses on Artistic and Career Development. We take a snapshot of where an artist is today - What are your Assets? What content do you have? What do you need? - Then we find the most effective way to propel you towards realizing your fullest potential.

Christopher Steffler

"Chris Steffler speaks with Ian Hanomansing from CBC News NOW about the necessity of being creative with your music marketing...à la Beyonce"