Element-80 Records

Element-80 Records is a record label for the artist who is serious about making their mark in today’s music or fine art industries. The primary purpose is to professionally prepare artists to become more competitive, to achieve their artistic goals and to provide proactive representation.

Our cut-to-the-chase approach focuses on taking a snapshot of where the artist is today and finding the most efficient way to propel them toward realizing their fullest potential. Instead of having to figure out what your next move should be as an artist or where to find indusrty-stanard services at fair prices. Mercury Management Canada has sought-out and brought together the best professionals in the music industry. Teaming these services has made the process more efficient, reliable, and economical.

What is the advantage to using our services?

By seeking out and employing the best service providers in the industry we are able to package together bundles of services for our customers.  Customized to their goals and needs.  That will save you time and money.   It is simple, by utilizing our developed professional relationship and by working with Mercury Management Canada, you gain access to cutting-edge industry standard talent. For less.  What ends up happening is you arrive at your artistic destination with a better product to bring to market in less time.

Artist Management

Music Production

Photograph &
Video Production

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