Muss Buss Powerhouse

Muss Buss Powerhouse

Muss Buss

Muss Buss Powerhouse is a collaborative group of reggae artists from Kingston, Jamaica who have just released their second full album, "Run Come A Road".  The album was written, recorded and released in Jamaica. All of the artists on this album live in Kingston, and have come together to showcase their diversity and passion for reggae music.The artists include Raymond Scarface, Paul Hamilton, Liquid Sunshine, Ava-D, Sam Buttercup, Admiral Tess, Famous Three, Obeah, Difference, Whootang Warrior, Hopeton James.

Muss Buss is the first of a series of albums being recorded at TreeTop Studios in Kingston directed by Executive Producer, Carl Fraser. 

The talent in Muss Buss extends to over 30 years of experience in the reggae music industry, with some of the younger members bringing forward the flare and complexity of today's youth.  It has arrived at a sound that includes Roots, Culture, Lover's Rock, Dancehall, Hip Hop, and R&B.  This first album features the riddims of legendary reggae producer, Obeah.  It was mixed and mastered by one of Kingstons best, Junior.  What ends up is what was envisioned: an album that shows the diversity in reggae. It is a "Must Have".

The highly anticipated second Muss Buss Album is coming soon.