Baby C



Baby C is female emcee that is working to bridge the gap between hip hop and pop music. Inspired by Eve, Baby C has developed the uncanny ability to rap on any style of beat. She integrated EDM, R&B, rock and dubstep into her previous al- bums. Unique tone and cadence adds a refreshing spark to any genre of music, but recent forays into more pop inflected music has proven to compliment her voice perfectly.

“Baby C is a talented recording artist who not only kills it on any beat , but also writes her own lyrics and melodies. She belongs in the top 10.”- Ovi Bistriceanu.

In 2015, Baby C was discovered by SOCAN awarding winning producer Ovi Bistrice- anu. She was originally hired to record demo verses on pop hits, then soon became the feature artist on multiple projects to be released to Top40/CHR radio in 2016. The duo took it to the next level and started recording independent projects which include “Hold You Down” and “Swipe.” Baby C has now also teamed up with pro- ducer SICKICK and recorded a contemporary hip hop track “Game Plan” which will see a release in 2016. The single releases will be pushed to Top40/CHR radio with the help of a proven radio promotion company.

Born in Vancouver BC, Baby C writes all her own lyrics and delivers each line with an in your face brand of sexy-femininity. In addition to her music career, she also obtained a Masters Degree from UBC; this dichotomy reflects in her lyrics with a mixture of feminine strength and independence. Her impressive repertoire includes five album releases and over 100 performances with some of the best and most re- spected people in the business such as Mario, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Lil Debbie, Royce Da 5’9 and Swollen Members. She has toured throughout British Columbia and performed in Thailand, Indonesia, Guatemala and Costa Rica.

In collaboration with her new producers, Baby C is ready to hit mainstream radio and tour during summer of 2016. On February 16th, her latest FACTOR- approved track “Killin’ It” will be ser- viced the CHR by DMD/Stong Songs.