The Roster

The primary focus and driving force behind Mercury Management Canada is to find, establish, and market talented artists. With today’s ever changing artistic culture; it is essential to have representation, artist management, that will navigate you through it and set you apart from the rest. Our music artist roster has a diverse group of singers that are making names for themselves both locally and internationally. From Canada's West Coast to its East and from across North America and in the Caribbean, our artists are highly sought after for concert performances at nightclubs, events, and festivals. They work with extraordinary, cutting-edge producers across all genres of music to bring the best of their craft forward. Mercury Management Canada is proud to be involved with such talented, inspired artists with the passion to share their music.

Sarah Eské - How Deep

Sarah Eské is an R&B/Pop singer from Vancouver, Canada who is most influenced by Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, The Weeknd, Lauryn Hill and Joss Stone. Listening to greats like Aretha Franklin and Chaka Khan help to further craft her soul-voice. 

Culture Brown

Culture Brown is an energizing Jamaican-born Reggae artist who has has been described as sitting musically somewhere between Shabba Ranks and Buju Banton. His electric stage presence is always contagious, as he dares his audiences right off their feet, and into his music. 

Muss Buss

Muss Buss Powerhouse is a collaborative group of reggae artists from Kingston, Jamaica who have just released their second full album, "Run Come A Road".  The album was written, recorded and released in Jamaica. All of the artists on this album live in Kingston, and have come together to showcase their diversity and passion for reggae music.The artists include Raymond Scarface, Paul Hamilton, Liquid Sunshine, Ava-D, Sam Buttercup, Admiral Tess, Famous Three, Obeah, Difference, Whootang Warrior, Hopeton James.

Tony Anthony

Mark Bennett, aka “Tony Anthony” was born on Oct 29th in St Catherine, Jamaica. He started pursuing singing at the age of 14, when a chance encounter with Glen Washington at a high school concert became the catalyst for his entry into music. Washington complemented him on his unique voice and encouraged him to pursue music as a career.

Souls Rest

Combining rugged hip hop beats with smooth jazz melodies is the Souls Rest trademark and an emphasis on blending live musicianship with the traditional art of hip-hop sampling and scratching has resulted in an ever growing and diverse fan base. Solid, classic sounding beats are overlaid with the melodic subtleties of jazz piano and brass and this combines to create the unique Souls Rest sound. 

The Lost Girls Burlesque

The Lost Girls Burlesque

From the sexiest depths of darkness, sixx deadly babes have risen to destroy the night. 2 x 45 minutes of continuous, non-stop, hot-action like you’ve NEVER seen before. In technicolour and high-definition! No emcees, no holds barred, NO MERCY! A daring exposé of flesh that will tantalize and torture even the most respectable members of society. Prepare to be ripped apart by seduction as The Lost Girls bare it all, again and again... and again. 

Baby C

Baby C is female emcee that is working to bridge the gap between hip hop and pop music. Inspired by Eve, Baby C has developed the uncanny ability to rap on any style of beat. She integrated EDM, R&B, rock and dubstep into her previous al- bums. Unique tone and cadence adds a refreshing spark to any genre of music, but recent forays into more pop inflected music has proven to compliment her voice perfectly.