Music Production & Recording

One of the most important consideration for any recording artist is to have a sound or product that is cutting-edge, unique and to industry standard.  That is why Mercury Management Canada has partnered with the most professional, experienced and highly-educated music producers and engineers from the west coast and around the world.

Whether an artist comes with an idea, a beat, or is looking for custom production, our music producers work with the artists on the arrangements and the overall feel of their songs before going into the studio with the engineer.  After the pre-production phase, and once the recording sessions in our state-of-the-art studios are complete; it is the music producer's job to ensure that projects are meticulously mixed and mastered and are of the highest clarity and quality of sound.  

Mercury Management Canada makes recomendations on which producers may be the best fit for the many diverse flavors that artists bring forward.


Nuremberg, Bayern, Germany

From an early age I shared a great love and passion for Music. My constant companion through many ups and downs has always been the music .No matter what kind of music it is, it is crucial, whether it affects me! That was and is the most important thing.Music needs to touch my soul and my heart.As i always say: "There are only two kinds of music, good and bad," But my greatest love is R & B and the Soul..

Jay Thorne Edmondson, aka J Thorn, is a life long musician, songwriter and performer as well as an accomplished producer and engineer. His credits include Juno winning reggae artist Elaine “Lil Bit” Shepherd, Lil Precious, Indelible, Conspirituality, Jahranimo, Moka Only, Kanabliss, The Matinee, Free City Collective and many, many more.

Genesis 7

Alexandria, Louisiana, USA

Reggie Haith a.k.a. Genesis7 is a Music Producer/Beatmaker originally from the Chicago area who specializes in the production of HipHop, Neo-Soul, and RnB styles of music

Influenced by the sounds of legendary producers J-Dilla, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Jazzy Jeff, 9th Wonder and others over time Genesis7 has crafted a unique soulful production style of his own that allows artists a notable backdrop for their vocals and a pleasant listening experience to fans.

Specializing in live sound, studio recording, sound reinforcement, sound system consultation, installs and acoustics; TYZ Productions brings 20 years of experience to each performance.  From microphones to show lighting, we have full stage and sound rigs for any sized event.