Photography / Video Services

Many times it is your photography that sets the tone and often gives decision-makers their first impression of you. Before they have even found your music player, they will have seen what you look like; your image.  Professional photography is a must for any serious musician or band.  Whether it is a profile picture, album artwork, or an images that you have included into your Press Kit, professional, industry stadard photos will help set you apart.  Photography is an artful way to compliment your marketing.  Our photographers have large portfolios, and experience with all aspects of entertainment photography.  Indoor, outdoor, event or studio sessions can be booked to get your package moving forward. Raw shoots, subtle or dynamic post production work can be done to give you the look you want.  Book a shoot with Mercury Management Canada photographers to get your edge.

Throughout my life, I've used photographs as a diary and as a reminder of all the people and amazing places I’ve been.  Some of my commercial shoots have led me all over the world - China, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, London, LA, NY, Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle, Washington, Toronto, Las Vegas.  I have a fantastic list of commercial clients ranging from coloured diamonds to retail giants and have shot a variety of people from models, actors and musicians to presidents and CEO's of large corporations.