Web Development & Design

With the death of the record store, artists have had to become creative in th eway they sell their music.  Online has become the number one place that drives sales.  A unique, and well thoughtout website is essential for fans to find you, your music, and your online store.  This is also the place where A&R's, record labels, and industry leaders will look to hear your music, see your photos, watch live performances, adn check out your latest videos.  Don't leave anyone disappointented.  Mercury Management Canada has a team of tech professionals that are on the cutting-edge of web design, web apps, mobile apps, and integratition to and from social media.  Get your website designed with the futre of your music in mind.

Left Right Minds is a creative solutions company.  We provide Drupal web development, hosting, social media strategy,and consulting.  We believe that Left Right Minds is unique.  That's why we offer project-based support and business consultations as well as comprehensive web services including design, development, hosting and skills training.